Thursday, May 28, 2009

Schapelle Corby, Prisoner Exchange, Enough is Enough?

You know, maybe enough IS enough.

Never have I been a supporter of or a believer in Schapelle Corby. Only she, and maybe a few others know the truth.

And yes, you gotta respect the law of other jurisdictions. And cop it!! Yeah, I know.

But something happened to us on returning from the U.S. last April.

Somewhere between Sydney and Adelaide, one lock that was on one of our suitcases no longer was. Gone. And the zip to the compartment was quarter open.

The thing is, we just shrugged our shoulders and muttered something about Customs checks. In reality, I don't know if they chop your locks without so much as a 'we had to' sticker.

But, on reading the paper this morning about Ms Corby being shipped off to another hospital, for some reason it caused me to remember what happened to our suitcase.

And I am not trying to get into that airport people smuggling theory.

It just made me think for a moment, that's all.

Four years she has been stuck in that crap hole. What happened to the prisoner exchange treaty? Murderers incarcerated in Australia have better living conditions and access to resources!

Maybe it is time to give this young lady a chance at true rehabilitation.

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