Monday, May 11, 2009

More on South Australian Politicians Travel Reports

OK. I know I should not pluck bits & pieces from reams of reports for fear of presenting words out of context. Nevertheless......

I was under the impression that our honourable elected members embark on overseas trips with a view to bringing back something that will enrich our community.

Here are more snippets from the Attorney-General's (Mick Atkinson) report on his 2008 romp in the northern hemisphere:

  • Surveillance means........using a surveillance device.
  • CCTV is a powerful crime fighting tool
  • Community justice is about courts engaging with the local community
  • Poland celebrates its national day on 3 May each year
  • The delegation visited the birthplace of Pope John Paul II

Give me a break! Is this all fair dinkum?

Mick, are you absolutely positively sure that a surveillance device is used for surveillance? Can we have May 3 as a new public holiday?

Sounds like a job for moi. Let me see. From the Honourable Rob 'Robbo' McKibbin's USA travel report 2009:

  • Donald Duck is not real
  • The plonk on the plane was from South Australia
  • Americans use a lot of petrol
  • John Olsen says gudday
  • There are 14 Irish Pubs in Denver

And I haven't started on one of the most bizarre reports I have read yet, courtesy of another Honourable Member who jaunted upaways to the UK. Here's a snippet:

'.....research has shown that kids dont like to be told off......'

Well bugger me!

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