Monday, May 11, 2009

Workplace Bullying in the South Australian Government. Why we need an ICAC

I made my first complaint back in March of 2000. It wasn't a big deal at the time. Little did I know it was the start of a very long arduous trek.

I was still complaining by the time I resigned in September of 2008. During that period, and the word is now getting monotonous, I COMPLAINED all the way up to the Premier, Mike Rann. In fact, here is a piece of the ladder I was compelled to climb:

Public Trustee management, where it all began
Attorney-General Department
Equal Opportunity Commission
State Ombudsman
Workplace Services
Commissioner for Public Employment
Equal Opportunity Tribunal, District Court

The Attorney-General, Mick Atkinson

The Premier, Mike Rann

Oh yes, my Union, the Public Service Association.

During the entire time, I got sick of hearing '......get out of there...'

After the 2004 Court Case, the victimisation intensified in retaliation for hanging out the washing in public. The people responsible for that treatment have now moved on to other fertile pastures.

I am certain had my subsequent complaints concerning the ongoing victimisation been made against a junior member of staff, the wheels of justice would have squashed all asunder on the way to my desk. My complaints were levelled at the very top of the tree. These senior people were protected all the way to the lolly shop!

Why does South Australia need an ICAC? Well, check out the ladder.

In thinking about the inactions of my employer during those years, it was incredulous to see how quickly management pounced on me when I appeared on the Today Tonight current affairs show last year. Within a couple of weeks I received a letter stating I may be in breach of the Act and that an investigation in to my actions had commenced.

I think that says it all.

As fas as any vindication goes, yep...the bully finally copped a punishment, a Parliamentary Inquiry is still current, and I don't have a bloody job.

Whistleblowing, a career without reward!


Anonymous said...

And it continues. Raise your head above the trench and expect management to target you for a right royal beheading - only to 'help' you, of course. And only to improve 'efficiency' or to 'restructure'.
Maybe look into a number of other Govt departments. I can think of 6 off the top of my head that manage by bullying. Or by sidelining the person management want to destroy. What a stupid way to manage. It could not happen if the top dogs did not sanction it.

Anonymous said...

So from the comment above and the number of SA government departments that BULLY from the top, plus how SA government ministers behave can it thus be concluded that it starts at the TOP and that Mike RANN Inc represents the head of the snake called BULLYING in SA? Buck has to stop somewhere.

Anonymous said...

There is another form of bullying that some people think leaves no bruises. It is the one where a person is excluded little by little. They are kept out of the loop. They are not given training they ask for. Some of their duties are siphoned off to be given to someone else. Often they are not told this is happening. They just see a reduction in new work coming their way. Management claims this is just manageing. No it is not. It is a form of bullying. Especially the excluding part. And especially the taking away of work. And that is still very very common across the SA public service. The aim is to make the person feel so under valued and so excluded that they just leave. And if they stay? They are treated as unproductive and the subject of gossip. Stupid Stupid practice of Bullies who think they are not bullies. People's career and lives are ruined by this very common practice. The aim is to be able to eventually go to management about he poor productivity of the person, when the managers have actively made this happen by excluding and sidelining the person at ever opportunity. Horrible Nasty form of bullying. It treats people like dirt. How do I know? Because it is being done to me now, and I hate it. But when I try to challenge it all I get is DENIAL from above. or when I try to speak to my Manager the answer is that is 'too busy to talk right now, can we talk about his later?' But later never happens. So I ask again and get the same response. The Weak Inadequate Nasty poor managers in the SA public service are a disgrace.