Monday, May 25, 2009

South Australian Politicians, Zero Mostel, Turbulence, Travel Reports (Part 4)

What is it about the House of Commons in London. There must be something, extraordinary.

Why? Because, South Australian elected members are always going there.

I just can't get these Travel Reports out of my system. In fact, I have been slowly but surely going crazy during the past week. I have read them all.

Now, a couple of things really, really stick out. First, the terminology.

You see, Politicians do not sight see. I quote, they go on 'cultural visits'. Yep, they all do this cultural thing, whilst the rest of us sight see.

Back in August of 2007, Ms Lindsay Simmons, Member for Morialta, was playing culture vulture at the Forum, in Italy (Zero Mostel, 1966). Oh, and the Colosseum, and the Tomb of Popes. Fantastic, and as a taxpayer I am absolutely in a state of total unashamed gratitude for the positives those experiences brought back to the state. MY MONEY was well spent.

Getting back to London. The list is too long. I was going to waffle on about each & every member that felt it necessary to visit the House of Commons. They all said the same thing, the same justification. Need to know how it works.

Well boys & girls, here's the link. And it will cost us, the taxpayer, bugger all. Go grab a cuppa in that subsidised canteen of yours, take your taxpayer funded lappie, and.....get to know how it works. See, easier than turbulence.

Kris Hanna was doing it back in 2002, (the earliest on-line reports) and Lynn Bruer, Member for Giles, just after Christmas. Oh Lynn, bad time to go to the UK. Christmas break and all that. That was bad timing.....yeah right!


Anonymous said...

Politicians should have to poll their electorates via the local newspaper for permission to travel overseas. Because with Google Earth and Teleconferencing and Video links I cannot see why they need to travel in the first place. It is an expensive Rort, and we are paying for it.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with the politicians using their own money for travel junkets, drinks, meals etc?
Instead of their own.
Their own is the squirrel away for their comfortable life, post election.
Come to think of it I'd love to visit Europe, right now. I think I'll work out the itinery this weekend and explain the concept to my boss on Monday.
It should only cost him about $40,000 of HIS money. After I book the first class travel. But after all I put up with from him, and after I write my report.. Well I'm sure he'll be so relieved to see someone is doing the hard yards. Visiting the places those biscuits he likes actually come from. Check out the chocolates he loves from Belgium.
Don't worry boss. All the details will be in my meticulous half page report justifying his faith in me. And a steal at just $40,000. It's not my money, so why shuould I be careful with his money?
The boss will thank me for caring about using his money so appropriately to help grow his business. And help me have the good time I think I deserve. And if the boss is silly enough to let me get away with it then why should I care?
The boss can just pay in more money to the kity so I can do it all over again next year.