Thursday, June 4, 2009

Star Trek. James Siberius Kirk? The 60s, the good old days.

Being an old dino, I grew up on the likes of Star Trek, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Dangerman, and who I refer to as the one and only Doctor Who, William Hartnell.

Speaking of Doctor Who. What a whacko nut-job series that evolved in to. No doubt I will be rained upon from great heights for that comment. But, in my opinion, subsequent Doctors were portrayed as clowns and as such began to attract a different type of viewer.

Anyway, back to the recently released Star Trek movie.

When the Trailer was released, trekkies went wild across the Net concerning the words 'James Siberius Kirk' ( as opposed to Tiberius) uttered by the young Kirk after being collared by the lawman.

Strangely, most observers claim it was a simple error.

Well, I saw the movie a few day ago, and those words are still uttered.

J.J. Abrams is not stupid. He's a marketing genius. No mistake there folks!

I was wandering around the local JB Hi-Fi store here in Adelaide last month. Almost hidden from sight, I found a 14-DVD disc boxed set called 'The Gerry Anderson Collection'.

Fireball XL5, Supercar, and The Secret Service.

Bundled is a catch-up with the old production crews who talk about their good old days. It is fascinating to watch as they show how these shows were created back in the 60s.

I was a teenager during the 60s in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and those days were incredible days.

Yep, there were bombs, and bombs, and bombs!!!! But, everything was just so much simpler.

We played in the streets, school was a hoot, and you could climb through the dunny window into any cinema.

We were broke, no home phone, no car, looked forward to Friday nights for fish & chips. And yep, just like in the movie Angela's Ashes, I loved licking the newspaper after the chips were all gone.

Errant kids got a smack around the ears from the local Peeler. We went to church and played shove-the-penny in the pews closest to the back. Your old man bought you an ice cream, propped you up on the wall next to the Bookies (TAB!), and said; "Don't tell your mother". And groups & singers didn't need to Eff this & eff that to make a living.

I want a Time Machine. (Great movie with Rod Taylor and a very hot Yvette Mimieux 1960.)

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