Monday, June 1, 2009

Premier Rann, Whips, Goths, and Guinness.

Workplace Bullying.
I want a Government Grant.

How about it Mr Mike ‘Miguel’ Rann?

What will I do with it?

First and foremost, a black chevy with those fancy fins at the back. Just like the Winchester car in Supernatural. Special plates too. Gotta have the 666 bit in there somewhere. Or a batmobile, whatever.

Then, I would load up the boot with all that stuff they use to vanquish the demons: salt, couple of crosses, book of spells, that sort of stuff.

Set up office on the top of the highest building in Adelaide, and survey my hunting ground.

First stop would have to be your own office, right where your platoon of media dudes hang out. I hear they love to call up Journos and abuse the bejasus out of them.

Time for all that bullying and intimidation to end me old cheese. Off ya go, a wee ferry ride across the Styx. Up on the racks the lot of ya. Whip-crack-a-way for the next billion years.

Couple of trainees would be good. Gothic type, the more rings the better.

And whilst on the theme of black, a black fridge fully stocked with….aye, Guinness. In those shiny yummy black cans imported all the way from Dublin.

Every Hunter has to have a uniform. Something like Batman’s would be just dandy.

So, there you have it, the answer to all your workplace-bullying woes.

I mean to say, anything is better than what you've been doing.....which is NOTHING!

Rob McKibbin
Hunter & Slayer of gutless bullies, corrupt politicians and bent public servants.


Anonymous said...

Robbo you're a bloody legend mate. You still at it, fighting those pricks? its me, Big Al.

Anonymous said...

The moral of the story is...SA is corrupt and that corruption must be what is holding SA back from advancing like in NSW.

Anonymous said...

SA is suffering a govt out of touch but flush with GST funds. Burning a hole in their financially incompetent pockets.
Which is why we get 'international' swimming centre bang centre at a seriously buy train and road intersection of multiple roads. With no dedicated parking that is sufficient for the crowds they expect to use the swimming centre. And the pool edge will be dangerously close to the main road. So look out kiddies when the first car mounts the curb and plunges into the pool on the Diagonal Road side. Madness.
And why we have a govt intent on ruining a great piece of open space at Cheltenham - they want it festooned with little McMansions - suburban lego blocks toppling all over what is currently a park and a great open space.
Then they have this fixation with trams to no where. Me thinks someone forgot to give Mike Rann a train set when he was young and now he wants to build trams to no where all over Adelaide. Be careful folks Rann might put one through your back garden, Just because he can.
And then there is Rann's mis-use of storm water. Rann would rather let it all run out to sea. So he can justify his dubious idea of an expensive (and unwanted) desalination plant.
And still they mindlessly want to vote Media Mike in again.
Ah we get the govt we deserve - just by voting them in again, even tho they stopped performing effectively yonks ago.
So many opportunities lost with Rann.
And so many useless expensive projects started.
Is this to impress your developer mates Mike Rann? Cos as soon as you are no longer Premier those same developers will not want to share air space with you.