Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Six Trams for $36million, and 8000 Homeless Souls walking the streets.

Thirty Six Million Dollars for six new trams.

According to reports this morning, there are currently around 8000 homeless people walking the streets of Adelaide.

There is a story posted on http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,25607490-2682,00.html this morning reporting that the Treasurer has factored an increase of $1.77 million for politicians chauffeur-driven vehicles and taxpayer-funded cars for the next financial year.

This will bring the 2009/2010 line to $6.66 million.

And in a strange juxtaposition, the Anglicare Winter Appeal has just been advertised on local radio as I write this Post. Begging for donations from the public.

Reading the Comments about the $1.77 million, I came across this:

I am struggling with depression because of my financial status, $260.00 a week, and when I read stuff like this, I feel like crying. it's just not bloody fair! $34,000.00! a week! thats 3 times what i get in a year! Its just wrong! can't they see that?
Posted by: Kathleen Em of Adelaide Hills 7:23am today Comment 23 of 36

It says it all. I do not need to push the barrow too hard.

I responded to Kathleen by adding my own comment:

Kathleen Em represents all that is wrong nowadays. For example, I heard on the radio this morning there are 8000 people floating around Adelaide with no where to sleep. Then this, and on top of the $36 million for trams for the very few. People can't put a decent feed on the table. Everything is upside down. And I remember writing a Letter to the Editor back in 1981 saying the same thing! We need another Eureka Stockade.
Posted by: Robbo of Wynn Vale 8:50am today Comment 36 of 37

It is difficult for me to play the critic as this has been going on since I moved to Adelaide in 1976. Liberal, Labor, Liberal, Labor…..doesn’t matter.

Some years ago, a bloke called Chipp introduced us to the Democrats with a philosophy I can relate to. I am hopeful that in the next state election, March of 2010, a record number of Independent candidates will field.

If I had squillions to play with, it would be directed to social problems, and not trams, chauffeurs, or parliamentary subsidised tucker.


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