Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Workplace Bullying Victim. My best advice to you, victim to victim.

Yesterday, I suddenly realised how much my 9 year fight for justice has taken from me as a person.

Without any doubt, I have been consumed by intense hatred of many things and for many people.

And I wonder were to attribute blame. Can I find justice that will help me heal.

Yes, the bully certainly shoulders blame. But, the real problems are with the system AND with me, the victim.

If you live and breathe in the South Australian Public Service, and have been subject to bullying, you would have to be a monkey’s uncle not to realise the length of the frustrating and health-damaging trek ahead.

Instead of focussing on my own recovery, I have been dwelling on the past as I look for retribution that will give me a sense of justice served.

My constant sprays at elected members, as I continue to dredge up dirt, only give rise to more muck, in my own head.

Might be that Premier Mike Rann is a nice man. I do not know. I have never met him. And I guess that when holding office you can never keep everyone happy.

Attorney-General Mick Atkinson, maybe another nice man. Like Premier Rann, I have never met him.

Though, 'tis a pity neither demonstrated an interest in my troubles.

The system is buggered, no doubt. Unless you have a management team that acts with great decisiveness, where do you go?

Already you are complaining about the bully, now you have every reason in the world to complain about your Agency’s management.

When I lie awake at night, it is because I am consumed by hatred. I doubt the bully is losing sleep. I doubt anyone else is in my wagon.

Look, I am not a Counsellor or a medico or whatever. I am just an ordinary person that took on the system and won, but only in a technical sense.

As having been there & done that, I can only say to you……..it will change you, and not for the better.

Until this state has an Independent Commission against Corruption, an ICAC, my best advice is for you to get your ass out of there.

The way things are, today, you will not find your justice. You will change, but not for the better. You will get to know your Doctor on a fifth name basis. The Chemist expects you on your monthly pill pickup. You will have issues at home, with your mates, with your body.


Me? Well, I will maintain my Blog and I will take the occasional shot across the bow. But, it is time to focus on my health, my family, and myself.

At the end of the day, it might be all you have left….like me.

Unemployed Rob.



Anonymous said...

Good advice.
But it is easy to say get out.
The hardest road is to hstand up to the bully.
The bully picks the best and likely target who will endure the most pain if the bully turns his or her attention to bullying that person.
The biggest blame should start at the top.
The person in charge is the one who should STOP the bullying. But there is no will to do so.
Far better to lie to the person being bullied.
Far better to keep sweet with the bully and believe their assurances that it will not happen again.
It WILL happen again.
The bully, like a cockroach, fears being outed out into the light.
Well done for all that you have done.
I hope eventually things will turn the corner in your favour. You certainly deserve it.
Clearly the Public Trustee leadership must be completely stuffed.
I have never ever heard of a government department having a parliamentary inquiry into bullying. Whiff of bullying is really starting to drift from that place. Why don't they come out on Today Tonight and just admit they are in chanrge of a group of people who hide their bullies and let them continue. Must be HELL to work at Public Trustee.
Who would ever want to apply to work there ... except MORE bullies, since they will know the climate there supports bulllies.

Anonymous said...

I think the Equal opportunity or sexual harrasment people (not sure what they are called today) should widen their definitions of what constitutes an offence. If the intention of the bully or the harasser (perceived from the point of view of the victim)is to undermine a person psychologically or to intimidate the person with behavior that is unacceptable then that should be cause to have a charge of bullying that is as strong as if the person laid a hand on your shoulder and said 'how about sex?'.
Bullies have got smarter and more cunning. Just like pedophiles bullies position themselves to do the most damage, without their managers realising until it is too late.
so the legislation should reflect this.
And the penalties should not be against the bully but also up the chain of command. So if the immediate supervisor did it but his manager and the ceo did nothing to stop it them charge them too. And if the head of department did nothing then charge them too.
Then watch how much more quickly they try to stop it.
Plus the victim should be more empowered. This stupidity where the victim has to leave has been thwarted in Domestic violence = now the aggressor has to leave,
Wise up companies and governments and make things fairer for the victim.
Change the legislation so that the bullies stop getting away with it.