Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Parliamentary Travel Report

Hon Jack Snelling MP
Speaker of the House of Assembly
Member for Playford
United Kingdom, Scotland, France, and the Czech Republic
18 May - 2 June 2009
Accompanied by his Personal Assistant Mr Corey Harris

Well, here we go again. It appears our elected members cannot resist the titillation of diplomatic passports, Qantas free socks, and frequent flyer points.

We, the taxpayers of South Australia had a huge return on investment as evidenced by Jacko’s Travel Report:
……The Tour of Westminster, although brief, provided a fascinating insight into the Government of the United Kingdom…….The route of the speaker’s procession begins from the speaker’s office….Greg Knight is also drummer and founding member of the parliamentary rock group MP4.…’
Well, I do not know about you, but I was riveted to the floor with these revelations. I can just see bully boys Rann, Foley, Conlon, and Atkinson goin the old headbangin’ as The Enforcers, or Major Tom and his Ground Control Men.

And of course, the obligatory Barossa-lubricated lunch with good old Billy Maitland our ‘Man in Havana’ over there telling pale faced Poms all about the Barossa and Magic Mountain…..BILLY, IT’S GONE!!!!
And the rivets keep coming:

SCOTLAND‘…the Scottish parliament complex is several interconnecting buildings…the Scottish parliament also promotes the use of petitions…’
FRANCE‘…the buildings of the school were confiscated from the Church in 1905...’
And what do we have for our money? Jack Crap from Jack Snelling. Another beautifully crafted travelogue that belongs in the Advertiser‘s Travel Section.

Enjoy your flyer points, enjoy your free onboard toothpaste, and sleep well tonight knowing what a huge contribution you have made to the wellbeing of the people of South Australia…the people that pay ya!!!!
Polies.....everything you need to know about Westminster and WITHOUT GETTING OFF YER BUM:

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Anonymous said...

Your Highness King of Ireland
What a way you have with words and what an honest view you portray.
Most of us would much prefer that the aboriginal children in APY lands were kept safe, educated and fed and that the blaggards who perpetrat absue and violence against them were locked up.
Obviously tax payer dollars are not meant to be spent on such issues.

Godd on ya and keep up the honest site of accountability.
Yours truly
Hand enough as well