Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Politicians love to travel

Martin Hamilton-Smith
Liberal Party
Member for Waite
14 May - 31 May 2009
Accompanied by his wife Stavroula Raptis.
I wonder if they just chuck a dart at a map on the wall. Or, quite possibly show a modicum of sincerity and truly represent the electorate by considering the ethnicity of the electorate they represent. (ABS web site, 2006 census)

In Mr Hamilton-Smith's case, the Greek community represents a meagre 3% of his electorate.

But, I am sure that the predominant Scottish, English, and Chinese groups will revel in his fact-finding mission!

So, what did he and the missus get up to? It is his report. I only quote from it:

'....Meet with government Ministers and officials to discuss a range of issues of interest to South Australians of Greek origin including the Macedonian question, the future of Cyprus, matters of concern to the Pontian community, immigration, the European elections and cultural matters....'

SOUND FAMILIAR? Should be. Martin, grab a brew and trot off to the Parliamentary Library and STUDY the Travel Reports of all the other North Terrace jetsetters.

Greece seems to be the second choice destination of South Australian politicians...after they have done London, that is!
'....Study the relationship between the village in Greece and individual communities in South Australia....'

You should stick to the interests of your own electorate. The others are probably popping off flashes at the Acropolis anyway!
'....I later travelled north to the Bulgarian border to visit the site of the defence of Greece from the Nazis....'

Doh!!! History Channel.

'....I was invited by a South Australian family of Greek origin to visit the village from which they migrated to Australia....'

Ah, I see you have latched on to the Attorney-General’s way of thinking..the good old INVITE!
Well, there you have it, the South Australian taxpayer buckaroo hard at work.

Hey, I got a great idea.

How about a Study Trip across to the parklands. Walking distance.

Go study the homeless mate!

Doss out for the night, and as you look up at the twinkly things, turn to whatever his name is and tell him about the future of Cyprus!


Anonymous said...

Here are some things to study. Both state and federal

1. Establish multiple dedicated (open 24 hours/ 7 days a week) Emergency clinics staffed with medical staff who specialise in treating psychiatric clients and person with psychological issues,anxiety,depression,attempted suicide for the truly marginalised and ostracised in the community. Situate these clinics in the south, the north, the west and in the city as well as regional areas like Whyalla, Mt Gambier, Clare, Port Augusta. Because ordinary emergency are not set up for them And Glenside is set to become "the" film central for Adelaide. Never mind the people who actually need the site at Glenside for their health. Politicians do not need to go overseas. Just sit in the Emergency area of RAH for 24 continuous hours on a Sat/Sun night and see how many people remain untreated because they are silly enough to present with an illness that is centred on the area above the eyebrows.

2. Spend a whole weekend caring for an elderly dementia afflicted person in their own home. Feed them, wash them, clean their teeth and wipe what ever needs wiping. See how it feels. Then on Monday visit all the Aged Care places that still offer RESPITE for 'High care" RESPITE. Less and less places offer Respite places. Even fewer offer High Care Respite places. Yet carers save the government millions by caring for a relative at home. But politicians they NEED occasional respite. But there are no places available. Or those that are are also disgusting. Politicians you don't need a holiday you need a reality check to see how tough the rest of us do it in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rann goes to Italy. Mr Hamilton Smith goes to Greece. Perhaps politicians should ask their spouses not to choose the destinations for their holidays. ....And they are holidays guys. You know and we the voters know it. Does not make it right though, does it guys?

Perhaps live on the money a single parent has to live on in a rented flat, for a month ... while still looking for a job. Honest guys you are on another planet if you think the rest of the world (the silly mugs who voted you in) live like you do. You earn enough to save up your own pennies for your holidays in the sun.