Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No wonder we lose faith in the Government!

4 February 2011, I posted a story about the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission.

I considered the effectiveness of this government agency in light of my own experiences having lodged two complaints during a two-year period.

I was wondering if the EOC reacted to a complaint against a government department differently to a complaint lodged against anyone in the private sector, such as Joe’s Fish and Chip Shop.


Just How Effective is the Equal Opportunity Commission

In addition, I stated that the Conciliation Agreements brokered by the EOC, between two warring parties, are not worth the paper they are printed on.

After I posted, I received an Email from the Attorney-General’s Department on 2 March 2011, 8.32 in the morning:

Dear Mr McKibbon (sic)

The Office of the Attorney-General is currently finalising a response to your query, however it is policy that we respond to (sic) via post.

Please provide your postal address within the week so a response can be forwarded.

Attorney-General's Office
45 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 5000
Ph 08 8207 1723
Fax 08 8207 1736

By reply, I provided my address that same morning.

I did declare to myself, that after years of condescending crap from the previous Attorney-General, Mick Atkinson, maybe the new AG, John Rau must have effected change throughout his portfolio. Change aligned to Premier Rann’s renewed promise about transparency and accountability.

Well, the postman came, and the postman went. Days evolved into weeks...

During the afternoon of 25 June 2011, I clicked REPLY against the original AGD Email:


Nearly 4 months have passed since your advice (see below) that a response was being finalised.

I wonder if it got lost in the mail!

I advised my postal address on 2 March 2011.



The postman came, and the postman went...

During the afternoon of 26 August 2011, I clicked FORWARD against my Email reply dated 25 June 2011:

Good Morning.

Another two months, and I still await the promised response as advised by 'you' over FIVE MONTHS AGO!

Please, at the very least click REPLY even to say there is to be no response.

Very poor.


Today is 6 September 2001, and still no response. Twenty seven (27) weeks from the day the AG department asked me to provide my postal address within one week.

The only question worth asking is: WHERE'S THE PROMISED RESPONSE?

My opinion? I do not expect a response. The evidence I have submitted is so damning, I cannot even see one of their most unctuous spin-doctors reel out anything with a hint of credibility.

However, I will persist.

I still want to know why a most senior public servant, against whom I lodged a complaint, got off the hook!

A most senior public servant who was subsequently subject to a disciplinary hearing, the Moss Inquiry, the most secret Moss Inquiry.


The Moss Inquiry and Mike Rann's Idea of Transparency

Page 34 of the 2009/2010 annual report of the SA Equal Opportunity Commission states:

‘.... A small business owner in a regional town was alleged to have sexually harassed a number of young female employees over several years. Andrea complained about his behaviour to the Commission and because of this was victimised by the owner to the point where she felt that she had no other choice but to resign from her employment.

This matter was resolved through conciliation with the owner agreeing to apologise in person to Andrea and agreeing to pay her compensation of $2250 for injury to her feelings...’

Well, at least her Boss had his sorry ass dragged into Grenfell Street. Had he been a senior public servant???


The Hooded One of AGD said...

Hi Rob. Where you been? We missed you. Yeh, I was next to you on that day Trev said they were going across to the EO Commission for help to write a response to your complaint. Bet the good old fish & chip shop dude wouldn't be able to do that. Hilarious and crooked as far as we are concerned. But they get away with it. No accountability here mate. Law unto themselves.

Good mate in PT said...

Rob. You continue to fight the good fight I see. I still cant believe they wouldnt let you back way back then. Didnt your conciliation agreement with AG's include that condition? They wanted you gone and thats what they did. Your court case still going?

adelcomp said...

GOOG MATE IN PT: Yep, the settlement certainly did. Even got a letter from the CEO stating my position was protected during the official investigations. None of whcih was worth the paper they were written on.....never mind the morality of the actions of those people. Liars and Blaggards!!!

Ex EOC employee said...

I used to work at the Equal Opportunity Commission. I was there when your complaints were being looked at, or should I say, being confined to the bottom drawer. I know what really happened and I know you do as well. I remember the day you came in wanting to know how the Attorney's Department could renege on a confidential settlement. I felt for you as there was little I could say without getting into trouble. Sorry for all you have been through. They only look after their own.

bully fighters said...

We know you have had terrible years at the hands of others. Please know your stories here give such help and inspiration to our group. Unfortunately many of us dont have it in us to fight the system year after year. As you said in your blog your health comes first. Our best wishes to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: thank your for your post and the rest. you know..

The Hooded One of AGD said...

Good luck with that mate. I remember you lodged a complaint against the EOC before and received an apology. Obviously they have learnt nothing. Keep us posted.

Tanya said...

This will be interesting. I gave up on that mob a long time ago. Useless. Keep up the good work Robert.