Monday, July 5, 2010

Is this what Premier Rann means by transparency and accountability?

What is wrong with a Government that will not reveal the findings of multiple investigations into a government agency, an agency that serves the people of South Australia, the Office of the Public Trustee? An Agency that manages assets totalling in excess of ONE BILLION dollars.

Supreme Court awards for the injured. Monies bequeathed by Wills. Dollars invested by mums & dads.

Sure, there was a Parliamentary Inquiry back in 2009, and the Statutory Authorities Review Committee tabled its bi-partisan findings last November of 2009.

However, what about the findings of the SAPOL anti-corruption branch. The findings of the eighteen-month investigation by the Government Investigation Unit. The findings of the nearly-one-year-long Moss Inquiry.

Investigations and Hearings that cost you, the taxpayer, well in excess of one, maybe two million hard-earned dollars.

If asked, a spokesperson will more than likely direct you to the Parliamentary Inquiry report, a report available for perusal and download on the Parliamentary website.

You will be told that the Moss Inquiry rendered a guilty finding with regard to the Public Trustee executive against whom workplace bullying and corruption allegations had been levelled.

NEVERTHELESS, and I emphasis the NEVERTHELESS, I can state, with absolute first-hand authority, that a truckload of paperwork is buried somewhere in 45 Pirie Street, paperwork dealing with much more than workplace bullying.

Let us face it. Public Trustee is a source of income for the Government. From the fees and interest it makes, a dividend is returned to Treasury, every financial year. It only makes sense that irrespective of all matters, protection of this very public South Australian institution is paramount.

So, what DON’T you know?

Well, this is where I tread the very, very thin white line. My logs do record some very intensive scrutiny of my Blog from behind a firewall located within the Attorney-General’s Department at 45 Pirie Street. I am sure there are people there that would love to rope me up & stretch me out a further six inches.

I myself witnessed and reported on incidents that I, as a layman, thought, if proven, would be criminal. I reported these to the Government Investigation Unit during its lengthy investigation. I was interviewed before that by Attorney-General Department staff, only to be subsequently reminded of the law of libel and the law of slander.

I repeated my allegations to the Moss Inquiry. I repeated my allegations to the Parliamentary Inquiry.

So, what happened? I do not have a bloody clue. And, unless there is a hidden cache of pages within the Parliamentary Inquiry tabled report, I can only assume the worst.

I look back on my years of whistleblowing, and I honestly do wonder if it was worth anything. Certainly not for me. I do not have a job now. Even though I had a written guarantee from the CEO of Public Trustee that my position would be protected during the investigations, I was shown the door...redundant, position gone thank you!

Employer of the year.

I am positive there has been a cover-up.

I am in Court next Monday on a personal matter in relation to the State Superannuation Fund and my entitlements. I am seeking information from these findings. And having knowledge of the allegations over the years, I know that what I seek is relevant.

One can but wonder what argument Crown Law will concoct for Monday morning. No doubt, a technical argument.

I guess the Premier’s renewed commitment to transparency and accountability was left in the magazine pouch on the plane!


The Hooded One said...

Your persistence in seeking justice is to be commended. You are 100% correct in what you say. Having said that, I really dont fancy your chances in Court next week. As you have said so many times, protection of a government agency comes before any person no matter what. It will be interesting though as they have worked so hard to keep those findings out of sight. I hope you get the Orders you seek and that the Press will be in the back row. Embarrass the bastards. Show them up for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob. Good onya mate. Keep digging and eventually the truth will appear. I would love to be a fly on the wall downstairs.

Sandy said...

I hear ya mate. We both know what was covered up and why. At least the Advertiser reported on what you told the Inquiry about the sexual abuse allegations. You know I will not be surprised if that one comes back and bites them one day. Great blog mate. S.