Friday, January 7, 2011

Premier RANN. Your Friday morning Tweet draws my ire!!!

Premier Rann.

On Twitter recently you espoused the short term anguish to the long term benefits of your 'tough' decisions.

In Kilburn you have a HousingSA male tenant, a 'special needs' tenant, who has for months been behaving toward the local children in the most inappropriate manner...nipple twisting, sexually charged comments, etc.

HousingSA knows. The police knows.

Each year you sell a percentage of your housing stock, that is policy. You hopefully will understand why you draw my ire in this respect.

Young families who have fled violence, people without homes, and MY GRANDDAUGHTER'S mother who must get out of that street, get away from that bloke no one seems to be able to control...all struggle with your bureaucrat explanations as to why there is no forthcoming assistance.

Methinks you need ONE MORE POLICY ...a policy to immediately assist those in dire strife with assets you got sitting around with blowflies as the perfect tenants!

As I say in another Post, YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE I will hold vicariously liable should anything untoward happen to my 10 month old granddaughter!

 A common law doctrine that renders a person (or corporation) liable for the acts of another despite no personal fault on the part of the first person. The most common form of vicarious liability is the liability of an employer for acts and omission of their employees committed in the course of employment.

Wonder what Minister Rankine would do if you called her and echoed the same story if my granddaughter was your granddaughter...I can see the removalist truck from here!!!


Anonymous said...

Spot on mate. Your final comment says it all.

Anonymous said...

Spot on mate. Your final comment says it all.