Sunday, January 9, 2011

RANN Government. Charges Invalid Pensioner Whistleblower.

One thing I love about being Irish is that I don't give a toss about social status, particularly the standing of Politicians, the ones I don’t like.

After all, are we not all equal?

I think this shot of a recent Irish tabloid, with the Irish politicians in full view, says it all...if only the Australian media (occasionally harping on about the great Aussie larrikinism) took a leaf from this front page!

Here in South Australia, truly, are some fantastic Politicians. They work their arses off!

Not all are useless. BUT, the ones that are...they really, really do it in a big way!

The present ruling Labor Government is as detached from its party founding philosophies as Mongolian Yak is from my dinner plate.

A government that fart arses around with dollars and cents for the needy, but has no problemo whatsoever flashing the multi-million dollar cheque book for an extremely already-rich cyclist, or for some bloody trade show in a town in rural Italy that no one has ever heard of...except for the Premier, and his missus who has a financial interest there.

And before you take a swing at me, yes, I know, the economic benefits. Well, tell that to Mary and her kids living in the back of the family car, whilst HousingSA tells her there are no available houses as it sells 10% off its stock each and every year, and whilst other houses sit vacant for months with blowflys enjoying free rental!

Or, how about the charging of an Invalid Pensioner who blew the whistle on a porn email-ring in the government, just to shove it up him for having the audacity to appear on TV and squawk!

Channel 7, Today Tonight segment. Blowing the whistle on a government porn email ring.

And how out of touch is the RANN government?

My fellow whistleblower, an invalid pensioner, featured in this Channel 7 video, appears in Court this Thursday. The charge is WITHOUT PROPER AUTHORISATION OPERATED A RESTRICTED-ACCESS COMPUTER ...SYSTEM (Section 44(1) of the Summary Offences Act 1953).

Now, I'm no lawyer, and I've only been in I.T. for a tad over 30 years, BUT I am busting to see how the Government intends to play this one out.

As I have said elsewhere, if what we talk about on the show, is the basis of this charge, a charge brought about by John's appearance on TV, I can instantly rattle off the names of dozens of public servants from one government agency alone deserving the same treatment...and that includes those sprung (and confirmed by the Govt) by this whistleblower!

It is a sad day, even in hell, when your elected government turns on the people. In this case, Mister Attorney-General Rau, you need to step up to the plate and sprinkle it with common sense.
 I love the Irish word GOBSHITE...particularly when bundled with the word USELESS!!!


AGD mate said...

Robbo. You are a bloody living legend mate. I could not have said it better myself. The Peter Lalor of 2011. Interesting to see if the media roll with this one considering it would not have happened had he not appeared on the tube.

The Hooded One said...

Rob. As I sat and watched you whistleblow all those years whilst you were in the employ of the government, I was constantly amazed at how the bureaucrats made it so easy for you to ferret out the truth and throw it back in their faces. Unfortunately they got the last laugh with seeing you walk out the door in 2008 but they played that game well and left you with no choice. So, it is fantastic to see you still at it and in this case appears they have not learned one, single lesson from the experiences with you.
Rob McK for our first President.

JD said...

I don't believe this. What are you thinking mr rann. and everybody should know that those people in public trustee are still all there. How does that all work. Will they be charged like this poor fellow?

ABC Matt and Dave listener said...

Rob or is it Don Quixote. I used to love listening to you on ABC 891 radio friday mornings. I heard they flicked you but never found out why though after listening to your stuff I think I know why. You just say it like it is and I am pushed to find anyone who disagrees. Straight to the point and on the side of goodness and common sense. Please keep going as we really need people like you.


Robbie, could have never done it without ya mate.

We walked over that bridge together.

It was a delight & a pleasure too.

More POWER to the voice of the people.

John McBride
(evangelist John)


Rob, . . . .

we walked over that little bridge together.

And the fact is, it would have never gone to air without your brave & solid support.

A favour earned is a favour returned ... anytime from your's truly.