Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why am I running for Parliament. March 2010.

Some months ago, I was approached by a group of people suggesting I run against my local member, Ms Jennifer Rankine (Labor) in the Electorate of Wright.

At that time I was looking for some positive residue from my nine years of whistleblowing re: corruption, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and so on.

After all, that struggle did ‘help’ the Government see me to the unemployment and unemployable rubbish dump of life.

It took our Attorney-General, Mister Michael Atkinson 2 sentences on radio station 5AA to flick my switch and drag me out from the shunting yard.

I thought to myself, how can this man, oh, this self-confessed religious man tell porky pies about me and the swill I was immersed in for years within the Public Service.

Yep, our doyen of Justice.

I just shook the head and made really strange guttural sounds.

And it dawned on me. If this is the calibre of people running the show, I can do better. Like, who better than a victim to take on the bullies!

I have lived here for the past 34 years, and I sense the time is right for Independents to get into this circus.

I don’t give a toss about the Adelaide Oval. But, when this Government pledges nearly HALF A BILLION BUCKS of our money to a makeover, I lose it.

Why? Because from my house I can see Jennifer Rankine’s electorate office. Our Minister for Housing. I can also see a station wagon, to the left, in which a young family has camped out in for a while because the bloody Housing Trust, or whatever it’s called nowadays cannot find her a place to live.

We can spend EIGHT MILLION on a Panda enclosure, but we don’t seem to be able to put a dent in housing waiting lists that stretch on for years.

Gimme a break!!!

There is something really wrong today. But then, maybe it’s me. Maybe most of the South Australian people are tanked up with jobs, cash, and love the Pandas.

Nevertheless, all that can be tested on 20 March 2010.

I’m just an average bloke. I enjoy my pints at my local with my mates, I’m always calling up Origin and Optus looking for payment extensions, I'm on the bones of my unemployed Irish ass, and I have my fellow countryman Peter Lalor up there as my hero for the downtrodden.

I loathe pomp and circumstance, I loathe taxpayer subsidised sausage rolls in the Parliament House canteen, and I really, really loathe Politicians that tell porky pies!

I’ll give it a shot. What do I have to lose? Like I said, I’m out here in the wilderness courtesy of this state’s Public Service and its henchmen. How sweet the taste of being elected and helping to get that Corruption Watchdog (ICAC) up and about with retrospective powers.

If I miss out.....well, back to the Blog. At least I’m still living.

Oh, and if anyone cares to pledge advice (I've never done this before) it will be graciously accepted. Unlike some of the clowns that have wormed their way into politics in the past, I don't have a propaganda machine to snowball me along.

My direct email is accessible via my Profile top right hand corner.


John said...

Rob. You go for it old son. We need down to earth people in parliament. None come straighter or more honest than you. You took them on for years and all they could do was strengthen your resolve. You got what you wanted. A Parliamentary Inquiry. But what a price you paid. Keep going. You might know who I am (Earl of Z?) from years ago. I will emsail you and I can help you out with that fee if you need. Time we shared another drink. Its been too long between.

Anonymous said...

Robert. I have been following you in your blog for a time. You helped me heaps when I had all that drama were we worked together. remember S.K.? I would love to see you have some better times what they put you through was most shocking but you kept going. You saved me my friend and I will be forever thankful to you. xxx

Anonymous said...

Rob, forget all that rubbish about subsidised sausage rolls in Parliament House. Plenty of people complain about that. You have a real issue. Tell your story, highlight the corruption that you have experienced and people will take you more seriously. Mind that what you say is absolutely correct (you don't want to be sued) and keep up your media exposure.

adelcomp said...

Comment 11:14am: Thank you, and I agree. The sausage bit was more for a bit of silly relief I guess. I am careful what I say. I tend to only deal with what already is in the public domain (Court docs, interview transcripts, etc) or what I can prove by way of documentation. I remember being threatened with a Suit a few years ago, and I said; "Sweet. Let me up in that Witness Box". Never heard back. Funny that. Cheers and thank you for the support.

Anonymous said...

Mike Rann's Bunnyboiler Day. about 9 hours ago from web