Saturday, January 23, 2010

South Australia's Attorney-General and his boring anti-ICAC rants!

The Attorney-General of South ‘dead lawns’ Australia must be permanently plugged in to every transmitting radio station in the state.

During the last week he has been popping up, repeatedly, everywhere.

Trouble is, the most boring aspect of this is, his same-old same-old rant & rave about why this state does not need an ICAC. A corruption watchdog.

Mick, let me give you a helping hand. For the sake of the public’s sanity and your credibility, will you please re-write the bloody script!

I have been popping up too. Notice that Mister Attorney-General? When you bob up, so does your little Irish mate. We are Fellow bobbers.

You know me. Yep, your ex-employee who was telling you about the bullying, the corruption, the sexual harassment, the financial skullduggery that was happening under your watch.

BUT.... you didn’t want to know about it. Because, if you had taken me seriously, there would not have been a Court Case, a GIU investigation, a Disciplinary Inquiry, and a Parliamentary Inquiry dominating my 9-year stint of playing with a whistle.

And you probably will claim to know nothing of your department’s tactics to shut me up. Here's an example of your finest at work.

Beginning of 2006, just after I was wrenched out of Public Trustee and told to stay away for a year for the sake of my health, for weeks on end I was seated at the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner in Grenfell Street.

Sitting on my royal Irish arse doing absolutely NOTHING!

At least I got to sit and watch the races on the screen in the corner.

Yep, on sixty eight thousand taxpayer buckaroos doing squat! Like someone there said to me....Rob, we got nothing for you!

Then there were the few months in 2008 when I was tossed into Justice Technical Services. That was a real hoot. ANOTHER BLOODY BULLY!!!! Whoa, was I surprised when I complained...and, well, history simply began to repeat!

And that was a real clever move getting rid of my permanent position back at Public Trustee whilst I was out grazing. Good on ya. I am positive had it been one of your children being subjected to this crap...hang on, no, it wouldn’t have happened to any of your children, would it.

I still have the letter stating that my position would be protected during the periods of investigation. So much for written assurances from my employer. You're a I have a case?

So loved the time I was put on box-unpacking duty for a month. Hey, I didn’t give a stuff. Good exercise. I needed it.

Ooppss...I strayed. The ICAC.

You, Mister Attorney-General do not know what you are talking about. You have not been through the mills of all those agencies that you claim to be out there doing such sterling jobs, and in their own way I am sure they are...can I finish a sentence with ARE?

I lost NINE years of my life looking for help. I laboriously worked my way through all your Agencies and their respective legislations and regulations and processes and interviews and letters and...and... and. And eventually, yep, I broke down.

Then the good bit. I had to go on Workcover. Why? You won’t remember the time that Public Trustee stopped my pay. That was a nice touch. Well done. Brav bloody O.

Had I not taken a Workcover Redemption and got the hell out of that mess, I would either be in hospital or be having the longest conversation in history with an earthworm.

That is CONSTRUCTIVE DISMISSAL......look it up in your old Uni notebooks.

And that's a clever touch, putting most of Adelaide's Law Firms on your List of Interested Parties for possible work. I know this because NOT ONE would assist me as, and I quote, it could be a conflict of interest. Well, bugger me!


March of 2000. Had I been able to appear at a one-stop shop with my complaints, I would more than likely still have my job, still enjoy good health, and still be a productive ICT Network System Administrator within the public service.

Instead of vilifying my good character, you should call me in for a cuppa and say; “Rob, it appears the system failed you. Is there anything we can do to make it better?”.

No. That way of thinking requires compassion and a duty of care. If I could afford a fearless lawyer, I would sue your ass right out of your pants!!!


Anonymous said...

My you're up early. You might remember me, I sat near you at L&G. We all wondered what the hell was happening and who this mysterious newcomer was amongst us. We did admire you though because you didnt have to do any work. We knew then what was going on but didnt know what to say to you. It was all very embarrassing. Sorry to hear about you not haing a job anymore that is disgusting. I wont sign my name for the obvious reasons. I still work in this place. Good luck mate.

Anonymous said...

Rob, there are a lot of us witnesses out here. We were all threatened. We were told if we wanted to make submissions to any of the "enquiries" you list, they first had to be submitted to senior management. A complete farce. Those at the top still don't care nor care to understand as to what we are on about. Who are all these dumb people on six figure salaries and how did they get their jobs? Oh golly, they all seem to know each other very well don't they. Just look into the coffee shops in Pirie Street, Gawler Place and Grenfell Street (make sure its between 10 and 3 though).. You will eventually spot them all! Good luck and don't give up.

adelcomp said...

Comment 8:11am. I know. I saw some of the internal documents 'advising' staff on what to do. That Moss Inquiry, reportedly setting back the taxpayer in excess of a MILLION BUCKS turned out a total farce. Yep, he was found to have breached the PSM Act. BUT, what action was taken against him? I know. And it is damn disgusting. Lawyers made a tidy sum out of that fiaso. The idea of Natural Justice was a hoot. 'He' was allowed copies of all our statements to the GIU, but we, as witnesses were not permitted access to any of his. HE was allowed a lawyer to represent him and to cross-examine us, the witnesses, but we were not allowed the same. Like I said, bloody bizarre. And the findings are confidential. No wonder people such as yourself are too frightened to stand up to the system! And how ironic....all within the Justice Portfolio.

adelcomp said...

Ooppss..I meant Comment 9.21am.