Thursday, April 26, 2012

Attorney-General John Rau. Another caucus room jackanapes?

Not once has the Advertiser published one of my letters concerning the Attorney-General (AG) John Rau.

During years of whistleblowing, I have at times been stunned when both ex-AG Atkinson and current AG John Rau were interviewed on air and had me shaking my head in total disbelief. Click Link to go to previous Post regarding Model Litigant boasts!

John Rau ABC interview re: Model Litigant

These are elected people holding positions at the highest levels of fidelity, lawfulness, and transparency.

These people are looked to for setting the standards by which we live by, by which we aspire to, by which we look to for protection.

Unless I have missed something, both these gentlemen have misled the public.

I remember a while ago when AG Atkinson hammered me on 5AA during an interview with Mike Smithson. He had some pretty horrible things to say about me. His inference that I was a liar was hard to miss!

Had it been the other way round, I am certain he would have dragged me through the courts for defaming his character. That was and still is his track record.

Anyway, here is the letter the paper has ignored.

Attorney-General. Please Explain.

During an ABC891 interview on 16 February 2011, as he had done many times since taking office, Attorney-General Rau went to great lengths to assure listeners that Crown behaves as a Model Litigant before and during court proceedings.

The previous Attorney-General, Michael Atkinson, held the same flag for many years.

Since 2004, I have doggedly pursued the Department of Justice and the government for a copy of this telestic papyrus, but with no success.

Recently, a document appeared on the web named CSO LEGAL BULLETIN2.PDF. The contents were authored on 16 June 2011. It is a Model Litigant dissertation.

Again, I challenge another Attorney-General to come clean, for the sake of transparency, for the sake of both complainants and defendants, and to release to the public domain an appropriately dressed Model Litigant Policy.

Considering the recently released file was authored last June, I am still curious as to what both Attorney-Generals referred to many times over the years prior.

It would be devastating to think that both doyens of South Australian justice done nothing but spoof the people of South Australia.

In my opinion, your Honour, John Rau carries the same flag the previous AG flapped around at anyone who challenged the integrity of the office.

Recently I submitted to John Rau a very detailed range of complaints against the Crown Solicitor's Office. Against a particular solicitor.

Yeah. I got a reply. All two paragraphs. He referred my submission to the Crown Solicitor's office. The same people I complained about.

Speaks for itself, doesn't it! I am certain you know what he said in that letter!


The Hooded One of AGD said...

Hi Rob. I'm with you on this one. I also have been asking for a copy of the model litigant policy over the years. And I work in the AGD. I never got any responses. They obviously feel they are answerable to no one. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

My brush with crown law was a shocker. Even though I had a lawyer they just fought and fought irrespective of the truths of the matter. It was devastating for me and my family spending money we really didnt have. In the end I just gave up. I guess that's the game they play.

BJ ex-AGD said...

Remember me? (Banjo) Lunchtimes over at the outside cafe? I'm gone mate. Left the department. Got sick to death of working for soul-less people. Bullying and people with degrees in empire building sweeping aside decent folks. Over where you used to work though that's a whole different story. Keep rattling the cages Rob. Plenty more to fall out.

Anonymous said...

Hell Rob I bolt for my dictionary each time you post a story. But I do love your narratives. Great easy flowing style and to the point. Always very believable. Well done.

Insider said...

I don't know where you got your strength from over all those years fighting the system. I did a Equal Opportunity Commission thing and what a waste of time that was. On reading your EOC stories I can only shake my head in total agreement. In one of your posts I think they said that all your paperwork from a previous investigation had been lost? Now there's a surprise...yeah, pull the other one. Hang in there mate and good luck with the ongoing litigation. I hear you got a QC going over your super case.

Anonymous said...

hey rob. Dead right pal. You know as well as I do that that document was pushed out to the web for a reason and that reason has got nothing to do with the ag's office being a responsible department. It's still only a discourse, certainly not a policy. Clowns.

Civil Rights Campaigner said...

You mention Mike Smithson. I was somewhat surprised at his alomost glowing comments in the Sunday Mail about John Rau and his support behind the ICAC. Memory serves me well he was always against it, and vehemently so. Though, pretty sure Mike Rann had his arm up Rau's back! Having said that I can see Rau is no better than his predecessor. Sending your complaint to the very people you complain about. I am certain you know that was a waste of time, but at least you gave him the opportunity. By the sounds of it, that could come back and give him a very nasty bite one day. I was at a conference interstate not long ago. Your 2004 court determination was discussed in a sexual harassment workshop. You're a bloody legend mate.

adelcomp said...

I got your email BJ. All comments queue up for moderation. Just as well. Some of the stuff I get is full-on. I only got round to checking out the comments this morning. I noticed you had 6 off the same, thinking it wasn't getting through. I'll be in town during the week. We should catch up and go watch our favourite people hanging out during business hours supping on their lattes and patting each other's backs. I suppose someone will be in the 45 Pirie Street offices dojng the work....I'll call ya. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Crown Solicitors Office would explain away much of its tactics when sided up against the contents of that document. I knlow of many cases fought doggedly when the truth seemed to matter not. We need to hold these people accountable. Thank you for bringing this darkness out into the open Rob.

Anonymous said...

Great document. Pity it means nothng to the government. I say that based upon what I have seen in court. Love your blog Rob.

Samuel Way said...

I work in the courts. You are so spot on mate. Crown is a law unto itself as you have said yourself. I have seen the CSO walk all over law abiding citizens, though the ones with legal representation have a much better chance. I have seen cases where the government have pushed and pushed hoping the other party will run out off money. That does happen. It's a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks!