Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Thief: Please Return My Wife's Pay!

Social networking.

A world where you will never know every single person who reads your Blog, your Tweets, your Facebook rants.

You might know a young plaited-hair mum with a young son who was at the Plaza Wednesday morning.

My wife works at Tea Tree Plaza. Part-time. And since I joined the ranks of the unemployed, the only source of money to pay our rent, put food on the table, and finance all those other things that can make life damn tough.

Yesterday, mid-morning, after taking her pay out off the Credit Union, she stopped by the ladies restroom near the Target store on the way back to work.

She chatted with the mum and the young boy who were at the sinks.

Dear young mum.

Surely you would know that Westfield security can backtrack you on CCTV from the moment you bolted through the fire exit with my wife’s purse. All the way back to when you got out of your car and entered the centre.

Are you that stupid?

I hope you enjoy spending our money, trying out the maxed-out credit cards, maybe even contemplating a shot at identity theft.

I now have to call my landlord and tell him I can’t pay the rent. We live on a weekly budget. Losing a week's pay simply does not compute.

But what a proud mother you must be.

A fine example for that wee fella you dragged along by the arm as you fled into the car park.

Oh. The police called last night. Thanks for dumping the purse in the car park of another shopping centre. There might not be much left in it, but at least we feel ever so slightly less ‘empty’.

You will be caught though. Aren’t licence plates a real bitch? And you did it in front of witnesses!!

I realise on the measuring stick of bad things that can happen to us, having a purse stolen is not right up there.

But, you do feel gutted, violated. And when you are on the bones of your arse, and your pay is nicked, it does have ramifications that are horrible.

Life today is bad enough in Struggle Street without arseholes like that thief.

I must give thanks and praise to the officers from our nearby Golden Grove Police Station. And to the security staff and cleaning staff at Westfield’s Tea Tree Plaza who searched waste bins both inside and outside.

Thank heavens for CCTV technology making it possible to backtrack this thief. Just like in the movies!

Who would have thought?

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