Monday, February 20, 2012 for real mate?

Graeme Richardson. Powerbroker. Backslapper. Listen to yourself.

Sack Mr Sheen for supposedly bringing about a challenge?

By your own yardstick then, what should have been done with Julia Gillard for her knife-wielding ousting of our then Prime Minister?

Oh, that is right, it was not premeditated, was it. She just sort of got up, had her cocoa pops, then thought...hmmm, think I will take over as PM today.

My problem is this.

I see a Prime Minister I simply cannot trust.

Heavens to murgatroyd, even the infamous one-eyed Richo brain cortex must take issues with someone who cannot be trusted.

Someone who has so blatantly lied to the Australian people, particularly when that person is running the bloody country!

Over many years you have done your fair share of banging on about people who cannot be trusted! Where's the consistencey mate? Where's the conviction??

Like a bus driver, a pilot, a taxi driver, my damned mineral-drilling dentist. I have to have faith, have trust with the highest office in the land. The office of the Prime Minister.

What once were clear waters is now a churning vortex of sludge as factions, powerbrokers, truth, half-truths, and blatant dishonesty swirl with the vengeance of a captured yak.

From where I sit, surrounded by bills I cannot pay and patting a scrawny cat I now feed on cheap stuff, politics in this country, today, has jack shite to do with answering to and looking after the Australian people.

It is about power, about wannabes, about backroom wheelin' & dealin', about...yes Mr Richardson, sheer hypocrisy.

I am very disillusioned.

What we need is a fresh face. Someone who will make a promise and....stick to it! Win back the trust; win back the faith of the Aussie people.

Hmmm...having said all that, Richo, you old shitstirrer, you may not have an idea of what I say. You should, but I doubt you want to. Does not fit into power broking plans.

I am just a simple, non-complicated Irish migrant now Aussie-voter who is struggling to survive in a country that has been taken down into a seething apocalyptic abyss.

You live in noddyland mate. The hypocrisy of your '...I’m staggered...' statement, is proof.

As for South Australia and this mob of Labor Government leaders? The apples never fall far from the tree! Thank you Mister Isaac Newton.


jacko of the netherworld said...

Robbo. Jacko mate. You're a funny bastard. Trouble is I cant have a go at you because you're spot on. Always been your trademark that has gotten you into so much strife over the years. One in a million mate keep it up. Looking forward to our next clinking of glasses. imperial pint glasses of course. Cheers J.

Anonymous said...

Rob you dont know me but i have read your blog for a long time now. It has been a refreshing viewpoint on many levels particularly with politics. As Jacko said you really do say it as it is. It is certainly how i and many of my friends think but not so good putting into words ourselves. I work in a government department and the bullying we have is terrible. nothing we can do. Bullies are our managers. Keep your Blog going please. It is such a great source of encouragment to many of us.

Anonymous said...

Yes I was quite surprised by Mr Richardson's one-eye stance in this matter. As you know, this has been the way for decades and will continue to be so. But, we can always get out there and expose it for the twaddle that it is. Cheers mate.

Isaac Newton said...

Rob. I don't think the apples are to be found around the tree. Scrape around the bottom of the barrel. Kepp up the great work. I.N.

Anonymous said...

Me with Jacko of the Netherworld. I think Jacko might be in there with a lot of pollies. Noddyland ad the Netherworld go hand in hand. It nnoys me so much how they can attack one but not the other. This is a shocking state of affairs and it most end now. Everyone one of them just lose more credibility as each day passes. I have no comment regarding that Mr Slipper.