Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something is on the nose in the Attorney-General’s Department. COVER UP!!

Mr. Jerome Maguire is Chief Executive of the Attorney-General's Department and the Department of Justice. As Chief Executive, Mr. Maguire’s supposed focus is on improving timeliness in the criminal justice system and reducing Government bureaucracy for the business community. It has been reported he is renowned for his innovation, expertise in leading organisational change and delivering large-scale projects that reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Earning more than SIX THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS EACH & EVERY WEEK, the taxpayer should expect CE Jerome Maguire to at least have a handle on how the rest of the Public Sector Bureaucrats manage and respond to employee misbehaviours.

Take Garry Goddard, Deputy Under Treasurer (Department Treasury and Finance DTF) and Chairman of the DTF Audit Committee.

In a recent email to staff, entitled Updated DTF Fraud and Corruption Control Framework, in part he says:

‘...Report all actual and suspected instances of fraud. Failure to report a known fraud may be deemed to represent unethical conduct as per the Code of Conduct. Breaching the Code may result in consequences ranging from reprimand through to termination of employment...’

OK. So, what does Mike Rann’s Code of Conduct say?

‘...Breaching the Code may result in consequences ranging from reprimand through to termination of employment...’

Strange? It was only last December Mr. ‘$6400 a week’ Maguire said to the Chair of the Parliamentary Budget and Finance Committee:

Mr MAGUIRE: Perhaps we should come in there. There was a penalty, and I will take a risk here and I will advise the committee that Mr Moss imposed a reprimand upon Mr O'Neill and that went onto his file. That is the maximum penalty that could have been imposed at the conclusion of the disciplinary hearing.

The maximum penalty? Methinks the Under Treasurer and the Premier of this state are maybe wrong cuz Mr. ‘6000 plus bucks a week’ Maguire makes a bucket more money than they do, so it stands to reason.... doesn’t it?

In one silly respect, this could explain why so many within his department get away with so much. Hell, the worst they can cop is a bloody letter. Here Human Resources, go stick this in his file and whack it back into storage.

Justice, Justice Department style!

Let’s take it a step further. This Department of Justice is where all of Mick Atkinson’s esteemed investigatory agencies hang out. Yep.... the Government Investigation Unit, the Equal Opportunity Commission, Crown Law, wa wa wa!

And who is sitting square on top of the Christmas tree? Why, our SIX-THOUSAND-FOUR-HUNDRED-DOLLARS-A-WEEK man Mr. Jerome Maguire.

A CEO that believes the maximum penalty for staff misbehaviour is a bloody Letter of Reprimand.

Even though the Parliamentary Inquiry teased out the slime from the Public Trustee pipework, it still DID NOT report on some very serious allegations that were presented to the Committee. Allegations that were reported to the Attorney-General’s Department (and to the Government Investigation Unit, and to the Moss Inquiry, and to the...) a few years before.

Allegations, if proven, would surely result in some very equally serious punishment.

Allegations befitting an ICAC.

There was and remains a Public Trustee cover-up.

I’m no Liberal Party supporter, but by hell I support Isobel Redmond’s promise to establish an ICAC during her first 100 days in Government.

Oh, I should mention, As a follow-up to the Post beneath, I am meeting with SafeworkSA management tomorrow morning. I want to know why Public Trustee and those responsible for bullying and those who ignored the bullying have not been prosecuted.

Should be an interesting Post tomorrow afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Could not be a bigger bully than J Maguire. He's a master at it. But he'd call it management. I call it bullying.